Meet Windows 11


Creative Director

How do you reflect a brands humanity – in a learning series? “Meet Windows 11” is challenging the perception of what educational videos can look and sound like.

The campaign was a success in creating a soft entry for low-confidence computer users to adopt Windows 11. The format was reproduced for 3 consecutive seasons, scaled to 6 languages, and used worldwide across: Web, YouTube, and on in-store devices(Best Buy, etc).

Season 3 – Ep 3 – Gaming

Season 2 – Ep 7 – Creativity

Season 1 – Ep 1 – Fave Features


Retail, Web, Social




6 Languages



By sharing quick and easy how-to information, we built an experience that increases customer confidence in using Windows 11 post-purchase and entices Windows 10 users with the easy-to-use experiences on Windows 11.

The videos are some of the historically highest rated videos on Microsoft Support via customer satisfaction.